BOSTON, Oct. 7 (AP) The Ed Sox yesterday narrowly missed sweeping both ends of a double-header and thwarting a purse snatch in Somerville. The Ed Sox dropped a 25 to 19 decision to the Mad Dawgz, as a 10-run last-inning rally fell short. In the second game, the Sox fell 16 to 9 to championship-contenders Riverside Train. Similarly, an Ed Sox effort to catch a purse snatcher at the Powderhouse Pub in Somerville fell short. Although the Ed Sox fanned out across neighboring bars, they were unable to catch the suspect.

With the two losses at Medford's Tufts Park, the Ed Sox dropped to 0-5 in the Frostspite League. Both games were difficult losses, as late-inning heroics failed to close the gap in the opener and a strong start in the finale did not hold up. Still, Ed Sox skipper Ed Mason sounded optimistic as his team approaches the playoffs.

"I'm extremely proud of the way we played," Mason said. "I think we really came together as a team, showing we can score runs and play with the best teams. No one wants to face the Ed Sox in the first-round of the playoffs."

Although the Ed Sox were unable to catch the purse-snatcher, the skipper said there is a distinct chance that, with practice, the may some day be able to foil similar crimes.

"Just look what practice has done for our softball game," Mason said. "If we can improve at hitting, running, throwing and catching, we can also become a formidable foe to many a ner-do-well."

Mason also noted that the Ed Sox have had one of the most formidable schedules of any team in the Frostpite Sunday league, having only faced one team all season with a losing record this season. Morever, the Ed Sox' opponents cululative record going into yesterday's games was 12 wins and 4 losses, not including the winless Mad Dawgz, who went into Sunday's game at 0 and 4.

In the first game, the Ed Sox fell behind early and had to play catch-up the rest of the way -- something they nearly did. A 10-run final inning featured clutch hitting and aggressive base running, and the Ed Sox batted around. The 10-run inning exceeded the single-run total of all of the Ed Sox previous games. The 19-runs were the most the Ed Sox have scored all year, and topped all of the runs the Ed Sox had scored in the previous three games combined.

In the second game, the Ed Sox faced off against the 3 and 1 Riverside Train. Yet, it was Donna (D-Train) Barry who had the orange-clad foes off-track, as she held on to early inning leads of 2 to 1 and 9 to 5 before Riverside's relentless offense caught up with the Ed Sox.

The Ed Sox offensive break-out included home runs by Sam (the Butcher) Longley, Arnold (Neo-Bambino) Salvati and Cap'n Ed. Brad (Vigilante Justice) Zollner missed an inside the park home run by inches, called out on a controversial play at the plate. Among the other, numerous, highlights were: Mike (All-Business) Keefe hit solidly in the leadoff spot. Clutch hitting by Paul (Easy Rider) Leuvano, John (Ax-Man) Calabresi, Carole (With an E) Fisher, Linda (Lil Sister) Mason and Ted (Don't Call Me Sweetie)Young helped keep the first-game rally going.

Fielding stalwarts included Teresa (Sweetie) Wu, for her stab, catch and roll force-out in Game 2. Leuvano's clutch gram in right field to snuff a Riverside rally. Mary (Hopalong) McGuire, who, while playing on bum leg, managed to play spectacularly at first and show plenty of hustle on the bases. Deirdre (the D in DTE) sparkled at third and wasn't afraid to flash her spikes on the base paths.

The Ed Sox final regular season opponents are the Happy Buddhas. The game is scheduled for 1.30 p.m. at Tufts Park #2.


In case you're curious:
Sam's nickname refers to the Brady Bunch. Donna's nickname is pithy reference to Walter Johnson, the pitching ace known as Big Train. Neither nickname has not formally sanctioned. Arnold devised his own moniker.