ED SOX FALL IN NAIL-BITER, Thirtysomething to 8
Game not as close as score would indicate

BRIGHTON -- (AP) The Ed Sox dropped their first road game of the season with a 30ish to 8 loss to the cryptically named Rockpotami.

The Ed Sox gave up 16 runs in the first three innings, as Rockpotami took a lead they would not relinquish. Manager Ed Mason, in a post- game press conference outside the Bus Stop Pub, said he'd ask the Boston Ski and Sports Club to investigate possible illicit drug use.

"I think they were on 'roids," said Mason. "Definitely, 'roids."

Mason pointed to a fit taken by the Rockpotami left fielder after Ed Sox third basemen/outfielder Patrick Curley rounded third in the sixth inning. As Curley danced off third, trying to elicit a bad throw, the left fielder faked hard to third then threw wildly to home plate, turned, and pouted as she returned to her position.

The Ed Sox went into the game aganst the 'roids without several key players from Game One, including Chris Cammett, Michael Keefe and Mary Gibney. The Ed Sox hope to have them back next week. The team also expects to activate Anne Slinn, one of the Ed Sox free agent signings.

While they are looking forward to playing at full strength next week, the Ed Sox dug a deep hole that would have been tough to climb out of no matter what, surrendering 10 runs before getting on the board. The Ed Sox first score came on a Ted Young inside the park home run to third base.

Down 16 to 1 when they came to plate for the bottom of the third inning, the Ed Sox showed their typical spunk when faced with a deep deficit, and plated four runs. Mason singled, followed by a single by starter Donna Barry. With runners on first and second, shortstop Tim Farrell, batting ahead of Heather Watkins, drew a walk. The runners advanced two bases, and Mason scored. (League rules penalize pitchers for walking men batting ahead of women.) Watkins singled to score Barry and centerfielder Brad Zollner's base knock singled scored Farrell.

The Rockpotami brought more than their 'roid rage. They also brought their leather, and they flashed it over the next two innings, holding the Ed Sox scoreless despite hard-hit balls by Dan Stachurski, Linda Mason, Teresa Wu, Farrell and Watkins.

The Ed Sox got things going again in the sixth, as Pat Curley doubled and scored on a double by Paul Luevano.

Needing a *lot* of runs to tie the score, the Ed Sox mounted a late- inning comeback that fell....short.

Statchurski and Ed Mason singled, and they scored on a base hit by Barry. Farrell then homered to bring in two more runs.

Highlights included:

•Despite falling behind early, the Ed Sox settled down late in the game. The Ed Sox defense yielded only one run in the final three innings, two of which were pitched by Paul Luevano.

Observers trace the tightened defense to Ed Sox manager starting the fifth inning with these inspiring words: "Oh, play wherever you want."

• Ed Sox scored in five of seven innings.

•The game also featured the first home run of the season by the Ed Sox, by Young. Farrell also hit a home run. It is believed to be the first multiple home run game in Ed Sox history. Barry and Luevano did not walk a batter.

The Ed Sox are next scheduled to play a double-header next Sunday at Smith Field in Brighton. Game One starts at 3 p.m. and the second- game begins at 4.30p.m. This is a single admission double header, and Ed Sox fans are invited to show up for the games and stay for the post game beer.***

***The BSSC may move one of the two games from the double header to the final week of the season. Please stay tuned for follow up emails before making plans to attend next Sunday. Go to the Boston Ski and Sports Club web site and click on the Sunday entry for the Fall Frostbite league.